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Global Leadership Advisor to Chairman, CEOs & Boards

Clients value the following from their work with me:

  1. You will receive a significant return on investment within 18 months with guaranteed measurable leadership growth.
  2. You will gain considerable self and mutual awareness.
  3. You will increase your profit, enhance your presence and boost your personal power and influence.
  4. You will exhibit greater courage humility and discipline in the way you lead.

Our Inspiring Leadership Books

You will be able to draw on the combination of my academic research, plus the wisdom and experience of the many inspiring leaders that I work with. These men and women have had “crucible moments”; more often with their failures rather than their successes. I myself have made more than my fair share of mistakes as a leader! These experiences have fundamentally shaped and moulded our ability to inspire leadership in others. My book and audio ‘Inspiring Leadership’ bring out the eight principles of how you too could manage your potential more efficiently and become increasingly fulfilled and successful with less effort.

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Profits donated to the Inspiring Leadership Trust – A charity helping to advance vulnerable women and girls.

Little Pocket Books of Inspiring Leadership...

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Your Words

  • Neil Palmer, CEO Christie's International Real Estate

    “Jonathan has a great ability to rapidly understand your business and leadership issues. He helps you to think about yourself as a leader and how you can influence and positively improve business outcomes by the way you change yourself.”

  • Barnaby Davis, Managing Director, UK Branch Network, Barclays UK Retail and Business Banking

    “Jonathan is the embodiment of ‘humble excellence’ and ‘living your life with purpose’ the very values he teaches… to say that he had a profound effect on me personally and professionally is an understatement.”

  • Baroness Margaret Eaton, House of Lords

    “Jonathan has the special ability to help you to know yourself, to be yourself and to give you confidence to successfully pursue your goals.”

  • Jon Parry, Vice Presidents Logistics, Asda/Walmart

    ASDA Walmart

    I’ve just completed a number of sessions with Jonathan and wanted to share a few words about him. Jonathan truly is and continues to be an inspiration to me. Every session we have together motivates me to do more. His leadership knowledge is incredible. He is both professional and personal and what I like the most is that his says it as it is. I continue to learn more and more through his guidance and wanted to share that he has made a real positive impact on my life. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Curt Hess, CEO Europe for Barclays Retail & Business Bank

    “Jonathan has helped me tremendously by identifying through his methods of analysis and years of coaching experience where my core strengths and potential blind spots are. By focusing on these and utilising his guidance it has helped me improve as a leader professionally as well as personally.”

  • Philippa Snare, Chief Marketing Officer, Microsoft (UK)


    Jonathan is very good at holding the mirror up to you when you may be making assumptions. Jonathan is clearly seasoned in dealing with high level corporate and commercial challenges and can provide great questions and set the principled tone to assess them well. What Jonathan brings in addition to this is a remarkable ability to check the human side of the equation; his emotional intelligence is very high, his personal sense of integrity and values towards what motivates people is very clear and he brings this into the sessions in a very impactful way.

    The impact that Jonathan has made to me personally, but also to my team and the business has been rather like a stealth intelligence programme. He has come in, asked the right questions, observed and then helped me and others align better and with humour and skill. For those who have less EQ they might not see what has happened, but they will certainly feel the difference in the powerful outcomes.

  • Stephen Shelley, Chief Risk Officer, Lloyds Banking Group

    Lloyds Banking Group

    I found Jonathan to be insightful, challenging and highly supportive. He really helped me think differently about key issues in my life and address deficiencies in my leadership approach. He was a great help in me making the ‘tough’ decisions regarding people and changing my style/approach with peers/colleagues. I have been able to significantly raise the performance of my team. I have also secured a major promotion. Jonathan is a class act – I find myself repeating some of the things he taught me on a regular basis. Yesterday to 200 people!

  • Professor Sir Michael R Stratton FMedSci FRS, Director Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

    “Jonathan has a highly sympathetic, intuitive and thoughtful approach in assisting one in identifying potential strengths and weaknesses as a leader. His experience is invaluable in laying some simple ground rules for functioning at the head of a large organisation which serve as a foundation for development of one’s own style.”

  • Professor Craig Mahoney, Chief Executive, Higher Education Academy

    “Being a CEO can be lonely and tough. Working with Jonathan Bowman-Perks has given me confidence, support and courage to take tough decisions by enabling me to explore thinking in a safe and objective setting. His fantastically sharp mind, broad experience and outstanding coaching skills have enabled me to positively change my thinking, my use of language and enhanced my emotional intelligence to become a better leader.”

  • Neil Sachdev, Executive Board Director, Sainsbury’s


    Working with Jonathan Bowman-Perks has provided some of the most intelligent insight on leadership that I have ever experienced.  The use of science (neurosciences) and best practice leads to a measured and sustained change. The level of insight through diagnostics and one to one feedback enables real coaching on real leadership challenges. I have thoroughly enjoyed my learning experience with Jonathan. Inspirational leadership is about hearts and minds.

Assess your inspiring leadership

Jonathan & Leigh Bowman-Perks have created a new 21st-century Inspiring Leadership assessment psychometric tool. This brand-new Inspiring Leadership Inventory (ILI) has been benchmarked against 1,200 leaders in some of the top organisations around the world. We have also designed a 360 ILI and Team ILI Psychometric tool.

To take the online ILI (which takes you approximately 30 minutes) and receive your own report click here.

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