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How can you enhance your inspiring leadership attributes? Click on each of the eight principles and see how you measure up.

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Inspiring leadership

You must be clear on your life purpose – why do you do what you do? Inspiring leadership is a healthy way of interacting with the people in your work environment. It is an effective approach that enhances the growth and development of colleagues in your team. Inspiring leaders possess the ability to deal sensitively in the truth. Consequently, these motivational figures engender high levels of trustworthiness which in turn leads to sustainable success.

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IQ - General intelligence and wisdom

You have the ability to learn new things, apply learned knowledge, solve problems and make good decisions based on sound judgment and wisdom. Good decisions and choices incorporate a reasonable course of action combined with past experience that has worked and openness to learning new things that could work to attain the desired results. Inspiring leaders are wise in addition to being intelligent, which means that they posses high levels of cognitive intelligence(IQ).

LQ - Legacy

This is what inspiring leaders leave behind after years of work. Their legacy is the impact they have made on their organisation, colleagues, community and society. It involves making some important and sustainable difference based on their contribution.

EQ - Emotional and social competence

Inspiring leaders 1) are aware of and understand emotions as well as effectively express feelings, 2) understand how others feel and relate well with them, 3) manage and control emotions to cope with daily demands, problems and pressure, 4) handle change, adapt and solve personal and interpersonal problems, as well as 5) generate positive mood to be sufficiently self-motivated and fully engaged. Some refer to this as emotional intelligence (EQ).

BQ - Personal brand and reputation

Personal brand refers to and directly reflects the inspiring leader’s reputationimage and presence. This typically develops slowly over time, and eventually has a significant impact on others and tends to inspire them. It is based on the quality of work inspiring leaders do, on the impact they have on those around them and on what they contribute to the workplace, community and society.

MQ - Moral integrity

You live life according to a clear set of principles, values and beliefs that guide their decisions, choices and actions. You try to do the right thing at work and in the community. This has been referred to as work ethicsprofessionalism and moral intelligence (MQ) to name a few of the more popular terms.

RQ - Resilience

This is the ability to successfully cope with disappointment, crisis and even catastrophe, as well as the ability to recover from these setbacks and learn from them. As a result of this process, inspiring leaders often become wiser and more resilient than before. It is bouncing back from adversity and thriving rather than merely surviving.

PQ - Purpose

Inspiring leaders attempt to find purpose and meaning in their private life and at work, which leads to a more complete, satisfying and fulfilling life. This process first involves becoming aware of what they think is fundamentally important and meaningful in life, and then goes beyond personal development, self-fulfilment and self-actualisation to benefit others, the community and potentially society as a whole. These people, thus, strive to achieve intra-personal, inter-personal and trans-personal goals. Some refer to this as meaningfulnessspiritual development, spiritual competence and spiritual intelligence.

HQ - Health and wellbeing

You strive to achieve and maintain good physical as well as psychological health, which leads to a sense of overall wellbeing. This manifests itself in being physically fit, emotionally balanced, energetic and productive. Healthy leaders are infectious and inspire others, who are typically attracted to them and express a desire to work with and for them.

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