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Archive for September, 2011

Do You have Unlimited Liability as a Leader?

“As Army officers leading our people into battle in Afghanistan we have an unlimited liability. We have to be prepared for the ultimate sacrifice. We may need to die for our job.” These powerful words came from an aspiring British officer going through leadership training at Sandhurst on a TV programme yesterday.

These young male and female leaders remembered Mark Evison a Lieutenant in the Welsh Guards who did die from Taliban bullets leading his men last year aged 23.

I doubt if many of you expect to die for you jobs. However how much commitment are you prepared to make to those you have the honour and responsibility for leading? What are your boundaries? How much of yourself do you give to lead them well?

Warm regards on a hot late September day. Remember it is as hot as hell for those young leaders in Afghanistan today.

Jonathan Bowman-Perks

As You Climb the Ladder of Success, Ensure it’s Leaning Against the Right Wall

Andy Faulkner the Head of St Olave’s School, York started a great debate which resurrected this theme.

I know far too many leaders who think themselves successful; based on the trappings of power, and the sycophantic comments of others.

However on closer inspection they are not happy and actually have lost their moral compass and sense of what gives them life purpose.

The job pays them well, yet they are not really fulfilled nor do they bring out the best in others.
So I ask you: what gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment?

Think about it carefully; it is one of those life questions that won’t go away.

Warm regards

Darling’s Revenge on Gordon – Lessons for You

Gordon Brown the ex PM ran “a brutal regime” according to Alistair Darling in his new book ” Back from the Brink”.

A manager with “appalling behaviour” an “air of permanent crisis and chaos” and a boss who vented his rage by hurling objects around the room. This is familiar to business leaders who cope with those in positions of authority who are driven by a hunger for power and control, yet seriously lacking in empathy, or leadership qualities.

What do you do when you have someone as dysfunctional as this in your firm? Stop them before they ruin too many lives and create a culture of fear, intimidation and bullying.

Look again at your own upcoming leaders, get unattributable 360 feedback from those who work for them. What are they really like? Coach them to develop healthy behaviours early before they go toxic. If they are unable to change, then get them out fast.

Good luck. It is worth the effort

warm regards

Great Speaking Tip 1: It’s ALL about them not you

Recently I was a keynote speaker at the Christie’s Global Conference in London. I have since become friends with Matthew Ferrara from the USA who was an engaging and animated speaker at that powerful international real estate conference with leaders from all over the world.

So what qualities and skills had he (and other impressive speakers I have observed) developed that you can benefit from?

Tip #1. Make it all about your audience. Not you! This is not a case of ” where egos dare”. Get to know them in advance of speaking. What are their hopes, fears and aspirations. What is on their minds when they get ready for work? Spend time preparing and researching and most importantly, talking to your audience.

What are the benefits for them of what you will talk about?
Give them tips, techniques and reflections that they can apply immediately at work.

So go out and put yourself in the shoes of those you wish to influence. Only then do you have the right to stand up in front of them.

Warm regards Jonathan