So what are you going to do now?

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Archive for January, 2010

How are you leading your “clever” people? A powerful new book speaks about this.

I recommend the book by Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones called “clever”. Makes me realise that I’m very fortunate to have recruited and be working with a very clever team of board and executive coaches. They have all taught me so much and it requires me to lead them in a special way which allows their talents and abilities to flourish with sufficient autonomy, continual search for mastery and a sense of purpose. Enjoy the book!

What really drives you? I recommend reading the new book by Daniel Pink

The new book is called “Drive – the surprising truth about what really motivates us”. I heard Daniel speak at the RSA and found him highly engaging, very human and motivational. It will turn what you think about bonuses and extrinsic motivation into a greater focus on intrinsic motivation.

Ethical Leadership – are you living it?

What can you do that is sustainable as a leader?

Seeing more clearly now.

If you know now what you will know in 2011, how would you act and behave differently?

New Year resolution: do it now